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Friday, September 9, 2011

Who can donate eyes

If every citizen of the country donates eyes, there will be no blind person in the country who could be cured. Unfortunately this does not happen and majority of patients who can be cured of blindness have to wait for years to get the eyes because of huge waiting list and less number of donors.

There are various myths and lack of knowledge related to donation of eye as to who can donate eyes. Let us considers issues related to eye donation.

Why should you donate
There are many people in India, who know only one color - black, Imagine that? Unfortunately there is no way to treat those people except with replacement of healthy eye. Your eye donation would change their life exponentially and bring them from total darkness to the light of the world.

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Who can donate
  • Almost everyone can donate
  • All age people can donate eyes
  • Both male and female can donate eyes
  • No religion is against donation of eyes
  • People having spectacles can donate eyes
  • People having cataract or had such surgery can donate eyes.

Who cannot donate eyes
Person suffering from some diseases like Rabies, AIDS, Cancer etc. cannot donate eyes, but it always advisable to inform the doctor and let them decide whether to take the eyes or not.

How to donate
  • Register with an eye bank.
  • Inform family members about donation
  • In case of unfortunate incident of death, any family member has to call eye bank with in 6 hours of death, and the doctors would visit the house to collect the eye.

Who can donate eyes
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Does eye donation affect funeral
No, not at all, it takes just around 15 minutes.

It is absolutely free of cost.

Lets change some-ones lives for good. Register your eyes for donation TODAY at nearest eye bank.

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  1. Great information, everyone should donate their eyes